Now that you found our website I’m sure you are looking for all the bells and whistles, places to click, that take you to other links to click, ad infinitum. Why have you come to this website? Are you looking for our mission statement? Are you looking for what wineries we represent? Are you looking for information about the wineries? Finally, are you looking for what wines are currently available? If the answer to any of these above questions is yes, then all you need to do is look below. Simple.


For pricing questions, I suggest you contact us for a current catalogue and we will happily send you an electronic version for your perusal. Please send request to info@maximumwine.com

Special Events & Tastings

For tasting events or special happenings go to our Facebook site – Maximum Wine Company

For special offers, weekly specials, etc. I encourage you to get on our email list. I promise not to inundate you with mindless email just to ‘keep in front of you’. You will receive a weekly email of a featured wine or you may receive an email offering limited production wines or seasonal D.I. priced wines. Please send request to info@maximumwine.com

Our History

Maximum Wine Co. was founded in 1992 with three main premises; to represent wines we like to drink from around the globe, wines we feel are good values, and wines that are the expression of each distinct winery and the vineyards they harvest from. 24 years later, we are proud to have a fine stable of estates that produce wines that meet our criteria and we are certain they will meet yours.

All shipments to and from our warehouse are temperature controlled. We maintain our own temperature controlled warehouse and make 99% of the deliveries in our own vehicles. Unusual in this day and age where most wine company’s farm out their warehousing and deliveries, we like to maintain complete control over all stages of shipment.

For all our existing fans, a big thank you. Those of you haven’t had the pleasure of tasting our wines and working with our knowledgeable sales team and our tireless office personnel – it’s time you did!